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Loop Component


Loop is a component that provides abstraction layer for writing asynchronous code in PHP on single thread or process with usage of single or multiple loop backgrounds.


Loop features:

  • Interface for writing asynchronous code on single Thread or Process
  • File descriptor polling
  • One-time and periodic timers
  • Deferred execution of callbacks
  • Support for stream_select -based loops
  • Support for LibEvent -based loops
  • Support for LibEv -based loops
  • Support for ExtEvent -based loops
  • Support for using multiple loops with multiple execution flows
  • Support for switching between loops and importing or exporting its unfinished queues
  • ReactPHP compatibility
  • Kraken Framework compatibility


This section contains terminology, useful concepts and definitions, that might be helpful to learn to fully understand this component purpose.


The event loop is a central part of event-driven application. It schedules listeners, runs timers, handles signals, and polls streams for pending reads and available writes.


This section contains examples and patterns that can be used with described component.

Creating Loop

To create loop you have to pass to its constructor one of models, that can be found in Kraken\Loop\Model namespace.

$loop = new Loop(new SelectLoop);


To queue any callbacks use onTick method.

$loop->onTick(function() {
    // this will be executed as soon as possible!

For more control consider using onBeforeTick or onAfterTick methods.

Using Timers

To create timers you can use addTimer method.

$loop->addTimer(0.5, function() {
    // this will be executed after half of a second

To create periodic timers, you addPeriodicTimer instead.

$loop->addPeriodicTimer(1.0, function() {
    // this will be executed every each one second

Using Streams

To read data from streams use:

$loop->addReadStream($resource, function($resource) {
    // any reading operation should be done in this section

To write data to streams use:

$loop->addWriteStream($resource, function($resource) {
    // any writing operation should be done in this section

Catching Throwables

To catch throwable throw by loop, use try-catch block. Kraken Framework uses this kind of structure for reacting to loop problems:

while ($shouldProceed)
    catch (\Throwable $ex)
        $shouldProceed = reactToProblem($ex);

Importing & Exporting

Importing and/or exporting the interal loop state might be done between two loop instances.



Using React Bridge

To create ReactPHP loop using existing Kraken loop, use:

$reactLoop = new \Kraken\Loop\Bridge\React\ReactLoop($krakenLoop);

Important Classes & Interfaces

This section contains list of most important classes and interfaces shipped with this component. It does not include all classes and interface.


class Loop implements LoopExtendedInterface

Loop is an abstraction layer for any of models existing in Kraken\Loop\Model namespace.


interface LoopInterface


interface LoopExtendedInterface extends LoopInterface

Important Directories

This section contains list of most important directories existing inside of component. It does not include all directories.


This folder contains all bridges allowing for creation of loops compatible with other loop-based systems or components.


This folder contains all models available to be injected to Kraken\Loop\Loop instance.

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