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Directory Structure


The default Kraken Framework structure is intended to provide a great starting point for any application. Kraken imposes almost no restrictions on where classes are located as long as they can be loaded via Composer.

App Directory

Process Directory

The Process directory is the default root for all your Process-based containers.

Thread Directory

The Thread directory is the default root for all your Thread-based containers.

Data Directory

Autorun Directory

The autorun directory is the place where all scripts used by Kraken are stored. You might want to pay special attention to kraken.process and kraken.thread files inside, which are scripts that runs processes and threads.

Bootstrap Directory

The bootstrap directory contains files that bootstrap Kraken runtimes and configure autoloading.

Config Directory

The config directory, contains all of your runtimes' configuration files. You might want to browse through these files and familiarize yourself with all of the options available to you.

Environment Directory

The environment directory, contains your application environment settings.

Log Directory

The log directory is a place where all of your application logs will be written to.

Storage Directory

The storage directory is a place where storage files and cache will be stored.

Temp Directory

The temp directory is a directory which contains temporary files.

Kraken File

The kraken file is a script that runs Kraken Console Client.

Kraken Server File

The kraken.server file is a script that runs Kraken Console Server.

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